Coates, Paul, Arayici, Y., Koskela, Lauri and Usher, C. (2010) The Changing Perception in the Artefacts used in the Design Practice through BIM Adoption. In: CIB 2010 World Congress Proceedings. University of Salford, p. 1037. ISBN 978-1-905732-91-3

When CAD (Computer Aided Design) was generally adopted in the early 1990‟s, the hand drawn
process was replaced with the CAD drawing but the nature of the artefacts / deliverables and the
exchanges of information between disciplines remained fundamentally the same. The deliverables
remained 2D representations of 3D forms and Specifications and Bill of Quantities. However, the building industry is under great pressure to provide value for money, sustainable design and
construction. This has propelled the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is a
foundational tool for a team based lean design approach. It can enable the intelligent interrogation of design; provide a quicker and cheaper design production; better co-ordination of documentation; more effective change control; less repetition of processes; a better quality constructed product; and improved communication both for the architectural practice and across the supply chain.
As BIM enables a new of working methodology, it entails the change in perceiving artefacts used and deliverables produced in the design and construction stages. In other words, defining what the informational issues are, who does what and who is responsible for what and the level of detail required at each stage in design and construction is critically important to adopt and implement BIM in the construction sector.
This paper presents the key findings through the action research methodology about the change in the nature of artefacts and deliverables resulting from the BIM adoption in the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) project undertaken by the University of Salford and John McCall Architects.

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