Piyatadsananon, Pantip, Amaratunga, Dilanthi and Keraminiyage, Kaushal (2012) The Capability of Spatial Analysis in Planning the Accessibility for Hazard Community from Debris-Flow Events. In: 2012 Annual International Conference of the International Institute for Infrastructure, Renewal and Reconstruction IIIRR, 24th-26th August 2012, Kumamoto, Japan.

Debris flow is a destructive disaster causing tragic loss and damages to vulnerable people and their
properties in many regions around the world. According an impact of this disaster, hazard areas are
submerged in mud and debris causing enormous difficulties to all relevant organisations and affected
people to access over the hazard community. Although an inaccessibility is one of the major problems
considered to be solved in an urgent stage, the lack of a comprehensive study in activities of involved
people through time line since the disaster occurrence causes a difficulty to plan the feasible solution to
overcome those problems effectively.
Therefore, this paper presents the existing knowledge in several activities related to accessibilities in
hazard areas. Additionally, the initial findings derived from interviews conducted as a part of a doctoral
research are determined showing real activities related to accessibilities in a study area of Thailand where
was attacked by a major debris-flow event in 2001. Regarding the explored acitivities, this study aims to
introduce a potential solution to overcome the inaccessibility problems in hazard areas by applying spatial
analysis techniques. This solution presents a new method of an optimum balance between the explored
problems from the interviews of affected people and the practices conducted by the local government to
solve the inaccessibility in the hazard area. Some suggestions are addressed at the end of the paper to
propose some additional practices with some considered factors for the spatial database design.

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