Hayes, K. and Keraminiyage, Kaushal (2013) The Effective Management of Remote Projects: Lessons from Other Jurisdictions for the Scottish Highlands and Islands. In: International Post Graduate Research Conference: IPGRC 2013, 8th-10th April 2013, Salford, UK.

Commodities extraction and energy production projects are increasingly sited in remote, challenging and environmentally sensitive locations. The poor performance of many of these projects highlights a need for more effective design, risk and project management strategies. A preliminary literature review discussing the work of a number of key authors in the field. The need for further research to develop more appropriate definitions of ‘remote’, and the rural built environment for the Highlands and Islands, explore the extent of the negative human aspects of remote project working and improve inter-
disciplinary risk management practices. The next 20 years will see inward investment of over £100 billion in energy production projects in the north of Scotland. This paper considers the established literature within the specific context of the Highlands and Islands where the majority of these projects will be based.

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