McDevitt, Allan D., O'Toole, Peter, Edwards, Ceiridwen J. and Carden, Ruth F. (2012) Landscape genetics of red deer (Cervus elaphus, L. 1758) in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland. In: All-Ireland Mammal Symposium 2009. Irish Naturalists' Journal Ltd, pp. 23-30. ISBN 978-0956970411

In recent years, the emergence o the discipline o ‘landscape genetics’ has proved to be a vital tool in quantiying the eects o landscape eatures (both natural and man-made) on gene ow in animal species. We applied this methodology to red deer in Killarney National Park (KNP),Co. Kerry, to iner possible barriers to gene ow. Bayesian analysis revealed the presence o two distinct genetic clusters, present on either side o Lough Leane. We discuss possible barriers to gene ow and the management implications o this or red deer in KNP and the wider implications o using landscape genetics in Irish mammalian research.

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