Robinson-Maynard, Audrey, Meaton, Julia and Lowry, Ray (2013) Identifying Key Criteria as predictors of success in social marketing: establishing an evaluative template and grid (ETG). In: Contemporary Issues in Social Marketing. Cambridge Scholars, Cambridge, UK, pp. 41-58. ISBN 978-1-4438-5024-7

The concept of social marketing is a developing global discipline
without a universally agreed definition. Its processes are therefore subject
to the interpretations of the practitioners who implement intensive and
extended programmes on a range of topics under the umbrella concept of
social marketing. This kaleidoscope of applications has meant that few
campaigns are the same, and they are shaped by the varied interpretations
of the social marketing process and the diversity of target audiences.
Despite these vagaries, social marketing has become a popular method for
influencing behaviour, especially in target populations with poor lifestyles
and poor health. However, this popularity has been fashion driven rather
than evidence based and there is an urgent need to establish what elements
of social marketing are most likely to promote behavioural change in a
target audience.

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