Gray, David A., Auerbach, R.H., Hill, S., Wang, R., Campbell, Grant M., Webb, Colin and South, J.B. (2000) Enrichment of Oat Antioxidant Activity by Dry Milling and Sieving. Journal of Cereal Science, 32 (1). pp. 89-98. ISSN 07335210

Oats contain a range of functional ingredients; these are concentrated to a greater or lesser extent in different parts of the kernel. Dry milling of oats using roller milling offers the opportunity to produce, at a lower processing cost, fractions enriched in antioxidant activity. Oats were roller milled and the stocks separated by size using sieving; the fractions were analysed for compositional differences. A clear difference was seen between the larger particles, which were richer in bran and its associated components, and the smaller, starch-rich particles, with a natural cut-off point occurring at 420 μm. This established the feasibility of using dry milling and sieving oats to yield enriched fractions. Oats (cv. Gerald) from a variety of sources were dehulled then milled once and fractionated to yield a bran-rich fraction (>420 μm) and a starch-rich fraction (<420 μm). Polar lipid extracts were derived from these fractions and their antioxidant activity measured by chemiluminescence (CL). Bran-rich fractions had significantly higher antioxidant activity than the corresponding starch-rich fraction and appeared to have a more potent population of phenolic antioxidant compounds.

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