Garbutt, Ruth (2009) Is there a place within academic journals for articles presented in an accessible format? Disability and Society, 24 (3). pp. 357-371. ISSN 0968-7599

This article addresses some of the difficulties inherent in disseminating emancipatory research findings in academic journals in a way that is empowering to people with learning difficulties in the UK. It calls for academics to challenge the editorial criteria of academic journals to consider accepting articles written in a more accessible style. It argues that from a social model point of view the products of the research, as well as the process, should be accessible to people with learning difficulties. It looks at what an accessible article is and why it is important, the editorial criteria of some academic journals, different models of presenting emancipatory research and suggests some innovative ways forward that highlight the need to ‘get involved’ in the world of people with learning difficulties and to consider accessible information as a rights‐based issue

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