Adkins, Monty (2002) Aerial. [Composition]

Aerial is a 5.1 composition written during an AHRB Sabbatical Leave Award, 2002. It has had nine international performances,
including Musica Nova Prizewinners Concert, Lichtenstein Palace, Prague, Czech Republic; BEAST 20th Birthday Concert,
CBSO Centre, Birmingham; Cycle de Musique par Ordinateur, Paris. The work was awarded an Honorary Mention at Musica
Nova, Czech Republic (2002) and is released on Mondes Inconnus (empreintes DIGITALes).

Deepfield, commissioned by the Planetarium of Reims and Césare Studio de Création, France. The original (20'00, 8-channel)
work was premiered in October 2000. The work was subsequently withdrawn and substantially recomposed in 2001. The new
version (12'22, 5.1 surround) was premiered at the Paris VIII University Concerts, 22 November 2001. The revised work has
received six international performances and has been awarded Honourable Mentions at both the Luigi Russolo International
Electroacoustic Music Competition, Italy, and the Musica Viva International Competition, Portugal. The revised version is
released on Mondes Inconnus on DVD-A

The two works are intended to be performed together under the collective title Vistas, as they share similar sounds. The
intention in Vistas was to experiment with spatial perception of sound and the trajectories of sound objects across spatial
planes. The spatial research in these works, though not as formalised in its use of interlocking trajectories as in Silk to Steel
(see output 4), presages this way of working. In both works the processing and presentation of material is associated with a
particular physical spatial plane. The further material is transformed, the more distant its presentation. This has the effect of
creating groups of first, second and remote order surrogacy (Smalley), which chart not only the development of individual
sounds but also create an orbital structure in which sounds appear in various transformed guises throughout the works.

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