Norman, Nicholas C., Orpen, A. Guy, Quayle, Michael J. and Rice, Craig R. (2000) Diborane(4) compounds incorporating thio- and seleno-carboranyl groups. New Journal of Chemistry, 24 (11). pp. 837-839. ISSN 11440546

The reaction between B2(NMe2)4 and the carborane dithiol C2B10H10(SH)2, followed by addition of HCl affords the [NH2Me2]+ salt of the dianion [B2Cl2(S2C2B10H10)2]2–, which has been characterised by X-ray crystallography. A similar reaction utilising the carborane diselenol C2B10H10(SeH)2 (generated in situ) afforded a compound containing the dianion [B2(Se2C2B10H10)3]2–.

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