Amaratunga, Dilanthi, Haigh, Richard, Shanmugam, M., Elvitigala, Gayani and Ruddock, P. R. (2007) The role of women in construction industry development: The UK Perspective. In: CIB World Building Congress 2007, 21-25th May 2007, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

The UK construction industry is suffering from severe skill shortages. It is also suffering recruitment problems with its traditional male workforce. The constant reliance on a limited recruitment base disadvantages the industry by disregarding half the population and the diversity of skills these people have to offer. Thus the under-representation of women in construction industry is a matter of concern to the UK government and to the industry. In this context, the project on which this research paper is based argues that recruitment of women is imperative to achieving these objectives and prolonging the industry?s growth. Hence, it aimed to examine the ways to encourage women into construction by learning the lessons from other sectors where women are successful. In this context, this paper aims to provide recommendations to aid the recruitment and retention of women emphasising the role of women in construction industry development within the UK perspective.

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