Whyte, James, Pickett-Hauber, Roxanne, Ward, Paul, Eccles, David W. and Harris, Kevin R. (2013) The Relationship between Standardized Test Scores and Clinical Performance. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 9 (12). e563-e570. ISSN 1876-1399

With the increasing use of simulation in nursing education and a growing acceptance of simulation as a component of student’s clinical experiences, there is a need to provide evidence of a relationship between knowledge, performance in simulated task environments, and actual clinical performance.

This study used a pre/post test design to examine the relationship between standardized test scores and performance in real-time and simulated critical care settings. Performance in a simulated task environment and scores on standardized tests were examined before and after a 4-week critical care experience in a group of senior nursing students.

Findings from the study demonstrate statistically significant relationships among the three variables.

Findings from the study provide evidence for the effectiveness of simulated scenarios as a means to assess clinical performance and to differentiate between high- and low-performing students.

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