Clarke, Michael (2013) Enmeshed 3. [Composition]

Enmeshed 3, for cello and live electronics, is the third in a series of works in which a solo instrument becomes ‘enmeshed’ in multiple layers of transformations derived from the live performance. The works are shaped and structured in terms of the varying relationships between these layers and the ‘distances’ between the original acoustic performance and the various transformations, in terms of pitch, time delay, timbre, texture and space. At certain points in the work these almost converge whilst at other times large distances open up, with the different layers in a wild counterpoint. All the sounds in the work derive from live transformation of the soloist's performance. The composer’s own granular synthesis algorithms play a significant role in these transformations.

Multichannel spatialisation also plays an important part in terms of spatial positioning and movement, the creation of different virtual spatial environments and in the definition of different layers. It can be performed variously with between 8 and 24 channels. Enmeshed 3 is in five contrasting but inter-related sections centering around a long slow meditative central passage. It was written for Madeleine Shapiro who premiered it at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival in April 2013.

NYCEMF-2013-Program.pdf - Supplemental Material

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