Nawi, N. M. N., Lee, Angela, Azman, M. N. A. and Kamar, K. A. M. (2014) Fragmentation issue in Malaysian industrialised building system (IBS) projects. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 9 (1). pp. 97-106. ISSN 1823-4690

As a developing country, Malaysian is currently driving for implementing a
new or modern construction method, the Industrialised Building System (IBS),
as an alternative towards enhancing construction performance. Currently, most
of the IBS project developments in Malaysia are still conducted by using the
traditional construction process approach. This traditional construction process
has been widely criticised for its fragmented approach to project delivery and its
failure to form effective teams thus created a number of issues such as reworks,
time delay, rising costs, lack of communication and coordination, and wastages.
This paper through literature review aims to highlight this fragmentation issue
and clarify how far it affects the process of IBS implementation. Suggestions on
how an integrated approach in design and construction in order to minimise the
fragmentation gaps will be concluded.

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