Budds, Kirsty, Locke, Abigail and Burr, Vivien (2014) Combining Forms of Discourse Analysis: A Critical Discursive Psychological Approach to the Study of ‘Older’ Motherhood. Sage Research Methods Cases.

This case explores the application of a combined approach to discourse analysis to the topic of ‘older motherhood’ and is based on a PhD project carried out by the first author (K.B.). In this case, we discuss the forms of discourse analysis that are generally applied within psychology, namely, Foucauldian discourse analysis and discursive psychology, and the strengths and limitations of these approaches. Furthermore, we discuss how these two approaches might be combined for the purpose of qualitative psychological research. We demonstrate how such a combined approach was developed and applied to the topic of ‘older motherhood’, and finally, we offer some guidance on how others might appropriate a similar approach in their research projects.

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