Cowgill, Rachel (2000) 'Wise Men from the East': Mozart's Operas and their Advocates in Early Nineteenth-Century London. In: Music and British Culture, 1785-1914: Essays in Honour of Cyril Ehrlich. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 39-64. ISBN 9780198167303

This collection of sixteen new essays, all commissioned from cultural and musical historians, was inspired by the themes and approaches of Professor Cyril Ehrlich's pathbreaking work on British social history in music. This volume discusses issues such as the music marketplace, piano culture, musicians' work patterns, music institutions, concert history, and national and urban identities - all with a clear focus on art music traditions. The cultural importance of serious music, from Belfast to Calcutta, has long been assumed for the period but rarely demonstrated. Here the issue is interwoven with the social and economic realities confronting music and musicians in Britain across the 19th century.

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