Brady, Denise Ann, Tzortzopoulos, Patricia, Rooke, John and Formoso, Carlos (2014) A holistic method of applying visual management to improve planning and control on construction sites. In: CIB W55/65/89 International Conference on Construction in a Changing World, 4-7th May 2014, Sri Lanka. (Unpublished)

This paper focuses on the development and evaluation of a Visual Management Method (known
as LCM5 in practice). The LCM method was originally developed in practice onsite in response
to a practical problem, i.e. a lack of transparency in daily operations, which led to difficulties in
communication, decision-making and general progress in daily work. The method also makes a
theoretical contribution to areas of Visual Management and Production Planning & Control in
construction. A review of the literature revealed that there is a lack of broader, holistic solutions
when applying VM to construction projects. The literature also revealed that there are
deficiencies in the area of planning and control of construction projects, stemming from the
weak link between the functions of planning, execution and control (Koskela & Howell 2000,
2001, 2002a, 2002b). The LCM method contributes to these areas, since it is a method that
applies a number of visual tools in a holistic way to construction projects to manage and link the
information flow by making it transparent. By doing so, a means is provided to better link the
functions of planning, execution and control. Since 2007, LCM has been applied and adapted to
different types of construction scenarios from new construction projects to refurbishment and
power plant construction. This paper explains the scope, main elements and characteristics of
the LCM method. A summary of findings from an evaluation of the usefulness and
applicability of the method to different types of construction projects is presented. Finally, a
discussion on the use of visual tools to improve barriers experienced in production planning and
control is also presented.

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