Soltani, Ebrahim, Syed, Jawad, Liao, Ying-Ying and Shahi-Sough, Nasrollah (2012) Tackling one-sidedness in equality and diversity research: Characteristics of the current dominant approach to managing diverse workgroups in Iran. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 29 (1). pp. 9-37. ISSN 0217-4561

The primary aim of this paper is to investigate whether equal opportunity and diversity pronouncements, both internally through organizations’ own administrative policies or externally through imposed governmental legislations, benefit those who are the main subject of such initiatives (i.e., employees). While a majority of current research on equality and diversity has been dominated by writings on developed and specifically Western nations, this paper tackles such one-sidedness in previous research and takes the current understanding further by providing employee perspectives on equality and diversity in employment to encompass less developed nations with a particular focus on Iran. Using a qualitative research approach data were collected from employees across two construction and manufacturing industries. Based on the analysis of the data, we found, first, shared religious beliefs and language to be envisaged as playing a crucial part in establishing the ethnic minority workers’ affiliation to a workgroup; second, the prospects for implementing declared equality and diversity polices to fade away as the employee began to work; and third, the adoption of diversity and equality policies to be primarily driven by (1) the dire state of the economy, and (2) the need for a mechanism to fit only the management priorities.

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