Tuukkanen, I.M., Charsley, Edward L., Goodall, S.J., Laye, Peter G., Rooney, James J., Griffiths, Trevor T. and Lemmetyinen, Helge (2006) An investigation of strontium nitrite and its role in the ageing of the magnesium-strontium nitrate pyrotechnic system using isothermal microcalorimetry and thermal analysis techniques. Thermochimica Acta, 443 (1). pp. 116-121. ISSN 0040-6031

A sample of strontium nitrite has been synthesised and thermally characterised to investigate its role in the ageing of magnesium–strontium nitrate pyrotechnic compositions in the presence of water vapour. Studies by isothermal microcalorimetry show that the addition of strontium nitrite to a 50% magnesium–50% strontium nitrate composition eliminated the induction reaction normally observed in closed ampoule studies in air at 50 °C and relative humidities in the range 65–69%.

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