Chisholm, Malcolm H., Clark, Robin J. H., Hadad, Christopher M. and Patmore, Nathan J. (2004) 3,6-Dioxypyridazine bridged tungsten–tungsten quadruple bonds. Comparisons of electron delocalisation with oxalate bridged compounds. Chemical Communications (1). pp. 80-82. ISSN 1359-7345

The preparation and characterisation of the tungsten–tungsten quadruply bonded, 3,6-dioxypyridazine bridged complex [(tBuCO2)3W2]2(μ-H2C4N2O2) and its single electron oxidised radical cation are reported and, when compared with related bridged dimolybdenum complexes, reveal a different mechanism of electronic coupling from that seen in related oxalate bridged systems

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