Ingleson, Michael, Patmore, Nathan J., Ruggiero, Giuseppe D., Frost, Christopher G., Mahon, Mary F., Willis, Michael C. and Weller, Andrew S. (2001) Chelating Monoborane Phosphines: Rational and High-Yield Synthesis of [(COD)Rh{(η2-BH3)Ph2PCH2PPh2}][PF6] (COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene). Organometallics, 20 (21). pp. 4434-4436. ISSN 0276-7333

The rational and high-yield synthesis of [(COD)Rh{(η2-BH3)Ph2PCH2PPh2}][PF6] (1), which bears a chelating monoborane phosphine, is reported; the solid-state structure shows that the borane coordinates to the metal via two 2e−3c B−H−Rh bonds, which in solution at room temperature are fluxional between all three B−H bonds. Complex 1 is isolated as an air-stable crystalline salt, and its applicability as a catalyst in organic synthesis has been demonstrated in the coupling of boronic acids with enones.

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