Dani, Samir and Deep, Aman (2010) Fragile food supply chains: reacting to risks. International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 13 (5). pp. 395-410. ISSN 1367-5567

Despite extensive food safety legislation, there have been significant food safety incidents in the recent past. The effects of food contamination and other food safety-related incidents permeate rapidly across the different entities of the supply chain as a result of particularly complex and multi-tiered supply chains in the food sector. There is a requirement for other reactive measures to contain the spread further across the supply chain once the issue has been identified. The research approach for the paper is based around the use of secondary data on major food safety-related incidents and the after effects. The research seeks to identify and understand the varied approaches, the contributing factors and the relevant legislation towards risk control as a reactionary measure in the food sector. It then proposes a conceptual model for risk mitigation from a reactionary standpoint which is retrospectively validated using selected case studies.

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