James, M.A., Norris, C., Nicklin, C.L., van Silfhout, R.G., Howes, P.B. and Turner, Tracy (1994) A surface x-ray diffraction study of the growth of ultra thin layers of Fe on Cu(001). Surface Review and Letters, 1 (4). pp. 631-634. ISSN 0218-625X

Although it is well known that the γ (fcc) phase of Fe can be stabilised on Cu(001) single crystal substrates, there is still considerable disagreement about the exact nature of the growth mode and the structures that evolve with increasing film thickness. A detailed knowledge of the structure and morphology is essential for a complete understanding of the magnetic properties of ultrathin iron films. Surface X-ray diffraction measurements, recorded in real time during deposition of Fe deposition on Cu(001), are presented. At room temperature, well-defined layer-by-layer growth, with no significant agglomeration of iron, was observed. The specular intensity of the X-ray beam varied parabolically with coverage, as predicted by kinematical theory. Intensity oscillations were observed up to 15 Fe monolayers, at which coverage relaxation to the α (bcc) phase was confirmed. At 85 K the growth is diffusion limited.

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