Ettema, A.R.H.F., van Smaalen, S., Haas, C. and Padmore, Tracy (1994) Study of the valency of rare earth atoms in the misfit layer compounds (RS)1+NbS2 (R= La, Ce, Sm) using resonant photoemission and x-ray absorption spectra. Physical Review B, 49 (15). pp. 10585-10590. ISSN 1098-0121

The photoelectron spectrum of (CeS)1.16NbS2 shows a strong resonance enhancement at a photon energy of 120 eV for states with a binding energy of 2.4 eV. The resonance is due to Ce 4d104f1→4d94f2 transitions, and is evidence that the Ce atoms in this compound have the valency Ce3+ (4f1). The 3d x-ray-absorption spectrum of (LaS)1.14NbS2, (CeS)1.16NbS2, and (SmS)1.19NbS2 exhibit a multiplet structure which is characteristic for La3+ (4f0), Ce3+ (4f1), and Sm3+ (4f5). We conclude that in the misfit-layer compounds (RS)1+δNbS2 (R= La,Ce,Sm) the rare-earth atoms are trivalent.

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