Gfader, Verina, Nakajima, Rie, Kato, Emiko, Rodrigo García, Merce and Fujii, Hikaru (2014) OrnAmenT Epiphanies: Tokyo. [Show/Exhibition]

To celebrate the launch of OTT Book, OrnAmenT Epiphanies: Tokyo brings together artists and producers in a unique ornament-assemblage, featuring artist Rie Nakajima, curator Emiko Kato, architect and researcher Merce Rodrigo García, and artist and researcher Verina Gfader. The screening of Hikaru Fujii’s film PROJECT FUKUSHIMA! accompanies the sound and text-scape, highlighting the potential of art to engage with Japan’s precarious economical state after 3/11 and its local and global effects.

OTT Book (Engl/Jap, published by Art-Phil, Japan) documents and further explores ideas first proposed and discussed during OrNamenTTokYo Mobile lab, a Tokyo-based research project on the notion of the “common” in Japan across art, architecture, urbanism, activism, and sociopolitical space. In the format of an international and cross-disciplinary 3-day event, including urban walk, workshop, seminar and open kitchen at Art Autonomy Network [AAN], Creative Hub 131, Mobile lab investigated urban space, noise patterns and new forms of inhabitation/occupation; shelter structures inspired by public halls, conflictual zones and gathering points, drawing lines to mark a place; and histories of copyright and il/legal actions, migration, plants, herbs, medicine and labour.

Book contributors include: Kenta Kishi, David d’Heilly, Christian Dimmer, Hikaru Fujii, Emiko Kato, Joon Yang Kim, Hiroshi Ota (Tokyo Picnic Club), Takaaki Soga (Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo), Dominick Chen, F. Atsumi (Art-Phil), Genichi Ide (Boat People), BCL Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara, Merce Rodrigo Garcia, and Verina Gfader.

OrnAmenT Epiphanies: Tokyo at Cafe Oto marks the fifth Ornament project in a series, presenting new participants and material; it introduces OTT Book through debate, screening and performance, initiating further transnational alliances and research on the “common” in the expanded cultural landscape of Japan.

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