Taylor, Kevin (2013) Advanced 3D Production with Narrative. Masters thesis, University of Huddersfield.

In this thesis I will investigate methodologies pertinent to the development of a new intellectual property, consisting of a story world that has been created from a fictional organization of historic, religious, mythological and fictional characters and events that are bound together through syncretism to create a new timeline.

This timeline was developed using world building methodologies, through an investigation of successful world building writers insights. This new story world is created with the specific goal of engineering a world for accessibility to outside writers, creating a shared universe experience in the vein of Lovecraft’s Cthuhlu mythos.

An animation will be produced that represents one such story, and will draw upon research into eastern and western cinematic ideology and methodology, with a focus on incorporating elements of horror from each. The psychology of character development, and the incorporation of psychological factors into the mise-en-scene, will be central points of the conveyance of narrative in the animation.

This thesis shows a clear distinction between east and western cinematic practices, incorporating these differences, and elements of Freud’s narrative uncanny, into one piece of work in an act of creative consolidation.

This work is significant as a new standalone intellectual property, developed through the syncretism of Tolkien-esq world building, Lovecraftian shared universe writing, with its reinterpretation of religious and mythological story that underpins the animations narrative mise-en-scene.

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