Featherstone, Valerie A. (2013) Could Neuro-Phenomenology Deepen an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Seizure Consciousness Drawings? The Qualitative Report, 18 (52). ISSN 1052-0147

This article proposes a methodological stance, an
Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) of participants’ drawings as one that is useful for
research into people’s experiences of seizure consciousness. Using empirical examples located in an original, larger study, this article offers a rationale for, and illustrates the analytic potential of, this combination. It also considers that elicitation interviewing techniques and methods from the field of neuro-phenomenology could take this work further in terms of deepening
the analysis by reaching people’s pre-reflexive conscious experiences. This theoretical and practical combination has the potential to develop this work significantly.

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