Abdel Hafez, M.A., Hubbard, Nick J., Tipi, Nicoleta S. and Eltawil, A.B. (2013) A Simulation based model for the berth allocation and quay crane assignment problem. In: LRN Annual Conference and PhD Workshop 2013, 4th-6th September 2013, Birmingham, UK.

With the global development of container transport, container terminals have become important nodes in transport networks which serve as hubs for the transshipment of containerized goods from ship to ship or from ship to other transport modes. As the container transport system is capital intensive, the turnaround time of ships at container terminals is an important factor for liner shipping companies to consider in order to decrease their costs. The turnaround time includes berthing, unloading, loading and departure and therefore, berth allocation and quay cranes assignment for unloading and loading operations is critical to the efficiency of container terminal systems. In addition, the rising competition between ports has compelled them to improve their service levels with the efficiency of container terminal operations becoming an important factor for success (Zeng, 2009).


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