Abdou, Hussein, Idiongette, Enimini I. and Mulkeen, James (2012) An evaluation of customer perceptions on CRM within the UK retail banking. Journal of Money, Investment and Banking (26). pp. 74-86. ISSN 1986-4094

This paper aims to investigate customer perceptions of the concept of CRM and its
relevance to customer satisfaction and loyalty in the UK retail banking industry. It also
seeks to identify the critical factors that can impact on a consumer’s choice of bank. The
main research instrument is a questionnaire. 240 questionnaires are randomly distributed.
Two statistical modelling techniques namely multiple regression and multinomial
regression are used to determine characteristics of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty and
to identify key factors in managing customer relationships. Our findings indicate that, in
order of priority, the three primary factors that significantly affect customer loyalty are the
opportunity to evaluate service offerings; IT and Tele-banking services and opening and
closing hours. Participants identified eight significant factors that affect their satisfaction.
The three primary factors, in order of priority, are overall satisfaction; the speed of service
and IT and Tele-banking services. The most influential factors in choosing a bank, in order
of importance, are a bank’s opening and closing times; IT and Tele-banking services;
account and transaction accuracy; customer loyalty and overall satisfaction. In conclusion,
our results suggest that customers’ satisfaction and loyalty can be jointly predicted by these
key CRM factors. Although customer satisfaction and loyalty has been the subject of much
discussion and further research, this paper has developed CRM by applying multinomial
regression to identify the most influential factors for choosing a bank.

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