Ablinger, Peter (2009) Instruments &... [Composition]

“Instruments &...” is an open composition project in which each new manifestation (or work) is only a part of an emerging, on-going whole. Each piece exists as an anachronism of existing contemporary music institutions and practices, challenging their conceptual framework and forcing a reconsideration of the role of the concert situation in conditioning the reception and perception of musical content and experience. The principal components of this on-going open composition are:

Kammersymphonie (20’, 2009) for 12 instruments and conductor. A spectrally mutated reinterpretation of Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony, upended through its concert presentation as a public rehearsal.

Wachstum und Massenmord (ca. 20’, 2009) for title, string quartet, and programme note. Commissioned by the Donaueschingen Festival 2010, the work has been performed by Diotima Quartet, JACK Quartet, Pellegrini Quartet, and Sonar Quartet in Donaueschingen, Berlin, New York and Viitasaari, and broadcast on Radio SWR 2 Jetztmusik, Germany (2010).

Singdrossel oder: der Antiprometheus" (17’, 2010) for three violins, premiered by Annelie Gahl, Dimitrios Polisoidis and Fani Vovoni, March 2010. The repetitive instrumentation points towards the centre of its dispute: the literal and unvarying repetition plays the main role in this piece, and is supposed to be the key to crack the myth of Prometheus.

3 Bethen (20’, 2011) for three violas and three loudspeakers (CD recording released by ORF and Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, 2011). An investigation of polyphonies developed through a computer analysis of Pygmy music and text, continuing my interest in non-motivic, non-European polyphony.

Wachstum, Massenmord (12’, 2011) for orchestra and video, premiered November 2011 by Philharmonie Luxembourg.
The orchestra is almost as anachronistic as New Music in general. Its structure is actually an anti-constitutional scandal in terms of sexism, interdiction, anti-Democracy and collectivization, the power structures an attack on human self-determination, on a free intellect and understanding of art beyond any totalitarian regime.

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