Bostock, Esta, Parkes, Gareth M.B and Williams, Graham (2013) A novel method for the analysis of slash cuts to clothing. Journal of Forensic Research. ISSN 2157-7145

Slash attacks form a major element of physical assaults involving a sharp implement such as a knife. If the slash attack is inflicted onto a surface covered with fabric, such as clothing, then that fabric may receive a slash cut.
Investigation of the slash cut can provide further information as to the nature of the implement and the action of the attack.
This study aims to identify a quantifiable correlation between the nature of the slash cut and the implement causing said slash cut. The study also aims to develop a method of categorising the damage as well as a way of measuring the sharpness of a knife without blunting the blade.
The two new simple techniques were developed and applied to a range of household implements. A quantifiable correlation could be seen between the damage categorisation and the relative sharpness of the implement. The degree of this correlation varied depending on the fabric type.

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