Reid, Iain, Johan, I. and Michaelides, R. (2012) The Rise of Online Learners in Project Management. In: Project Management Institute (PMI) Research and Education Conference 2012, 15-18 July 2012, Limerick, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Academia is facing increasing demands in the design and delivery of their degree programmes. In this session we take a snap shot of project management (PM) programmes offered by European universities within the academic year of 2010-2011. The approach adopted here is a reflective one, looking at recent trends in postgraduate PM education and focusing in particular on a new mode of delivery, that of e-learning. The article highlights the dynamic character PM theories and practises and considers whether an e-learning format is capable of responding to the requirements for quality in this field. By focusing on one particular programme, the wholly online postgraduate programme in MSc in project management at the University of Liverpool. The paper presents the student profile as well as the benefits of a wholly online learning intervention, rather than the alternatives to on-campus and distance learning in accordance to demand and accreditation bodies. The conclusions indicate that new forms of teaching and learning are opening up to HEIs. The aim of the research was to discover the real time dynamic of PM practise and theory, objective and subjective perspectives. This article adds to the debate on PM education and reports on a specific development of PM education from a higher education institution (HEI) standpoint. This paper also highlights the development of PM learners and explores benefits of online learning and the development of an online global classroom in terms of technology, learning experience and management learning.

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