Baraklianou, Stella (2011) Projections of Animality- Responding to Phillip Warnell's film Outlandish. In: Unruly Creatures, Symposium on art, politics, the animal. London Graduate School and Natural History Museum, London, 14th June 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Phillip Warnell’s poetic cinematic frame of an octopus at sea is a strangely compelling mix of a body functioning within a doubled container: that of the aquarium and at the same time, that of the cinematic frame.
I would like to take up this idea of the “aquarium as frame” to further expand on Phillip’s previous points of temporary dwellings, spectral states and finally, wandering organs that perhaps will allow us to elucidate or come to terms with what has been deemed as the animal.

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