Ablinger, Peter (2011) Cityopera Buenos Aires in 7 Acts. [Composition]

primero acto:
an archive of the sounds and noises of Buenos Aires.
installation for a galery space.

segundo acto
a book - not be set into music, but to take away and read privately

tercero acto
an interactive piece for a large vidriera and a computer controlled piano. a microphone picks up input outside, the piano realizes this input inside in real-time.

cuarto acto
a conference about acoustics and ecology,
a conference about noise between estetics and polution

quinto acto
20 chairs in rows, like a small audience, set in public space, to different announced places, for one hour each. it is possible to sit down and listen.

sexto acto
your way to and from another part of this opera, the time between acts.

septimo acto
a concert for ensemble, city noises and video
60 minutes
recorded city noises from the 1st act and the recording of a female voice (Carmen Baliero, talking, not singing) tranfered into music. the video (Ian Kornfeld) is one shot over the whole time, a typical street corner of almagro, - but only in a few moments - the sounds of the concert are synchronized with the video.
fl, 2cl, hrn, trp, tbn, pno, 2vl, va, vc, cb, video, 60'

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