Gfader, Verina and Chapman, Neil (2012) "Strategies of Delegation: THE SURFACE | THE PROJECT". scenesadventures, London, UK. ISBN 0-9544901-3-4

Neil Chapman and Verina Gfader (2012) Strategies of Delegation: THE SURFACE | THE PROJECT. scenesadventures, London. ISBN 0-9544901-3-4

This artist book in a limited edition of 10 is a publication by Neil Chapman and Verina Gfader exploring themes of organising data (glossaries), living systems, material agency, Stanislaw Lem’s (Solaris) vision, oracles and journeys on a ship, it brings into play questions of archive and what can be called the residual of a project.
The book project takes account of seven curatorial projects initiated by Gfader with contributions by Johanna Billing; Olivia Plender and Unnar Orn; Janice Kerbel and Ruth Maclennan; Conor Donlon/Donlon Books; Mark Lewis, Dennis Oppenheim, Lucy Reynolds, Margaret Tait, Peter Todd; Merce Rodrigo García, SANAA Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa, workshop participants; and Neil Chapman. Chapman’s work THE SURFACE | THE PROJECT is text based and forms part one of this co-authored book. Part two is Gfader’s semi-fictional text ‘Strategies of Delegation’, which introduces the curatorial strategy and Chapman’s writing.

The book was produced with E:ventGallery as part of the Victorian Gardening programme 2009.

A poster version is available.

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