Cantrill, Alex A., Hall, Lee D., Jarvis, Ashley N., Osborn, Helen M. I., Raphy, Jenny and Sweeney, Joseph B. (1996) Asymmetric aziridine synthesis via aza-Darzens reaction of bromoacylcamphorsultam. Chemical Communications (23). p. 2631. ISSN 1359-7345

The aza-Darzens reaction of the chiral enolate derived from bromoacetylcamphorsultam 1 with N-(diphenyl-phosphinyl)aryl- and tert-butyl-methanimines proceeds in good yield to give cis-N-(diphenylphosphinyl)aziridinylcarbonyl sultams with high de. Monochiral cis-aziridinecarboxylates may be obtained in acceptable yield by hydrolysis of these sultams.

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