Catanesi, M.G. et al. (2008) Large-angle production of charged pions by 3 GeV/c–12 GeV/c protons on carbon, copper and tin targets. The European Physical Journal C, 53 (2). pp. 177-204. ISSN 1434-6044

A measurement of the double-differential π± production cross-section in proton–carbon, proton–copper and proton–tin collisions in the range of pion momentum 100 MeV/c≤p<800 MeV/c and angle 0.35 rad≤θ<2.15 rad is presented. The data were taken with the HARP detector in the T9 beam line of the CERN PS. The pions were produced by proton beams in a momentum range from 3 GeV/c to 12 GeV/c hitting a target with a thickness of 5% of a nuclear interaction length. The tracking and identification of the produced particles was done using a small-radius cylindrical time projection chamber (TPC) placed in a solenoidal magnet. An elaborate system of detectors in the beam line ensured the identification of the incident particles. Results are shown for the double-differential cross-sections d2σ/dpdθ at four incident proton beam momenta (3 GeV/c, 5 GeV/c, 8 GeV/c and 12 GeV/c).

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