Škoro, G.P., Bennett, J.R.J., Edgecock, R., Gray, S.A., McFarland, A.J., Booth, C.N., Rodgers, K.J. and Back, J.J. (2011) Dynamic Young’s moduli of tungsten and tantalum at high temperature and stress. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 409 (1). pp. 40-46. ISSN 0022-3115

Recently reported results of the long lifetime of the tungsten samples under high temperature and high stress conditions expected in the Neutrino Factory target have strengthened the case for a solid target option for the Neutrino Factory. In order to study in more detail the behaviour of the material properties of tungsten, a dynamic method has been used for measurement of Young’s modulus at high stress, high-strain-rates (>1000 s−1) and very high temperatures (up to 2650 °C). The method is based on measurements of the surface vibration of thin wires, stressed by a pulsed current, using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer. The measured characteristic frequencies under the thermal excitation have been used to obtain Young’s modulus as a function of applied stress and temperature. The same procedure has been used to measure Young’s modulus of tantalum up to 2500 °C.

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