Bungau, Adriana, Adelmann, A., Alonso, J.R., Barletta, W., Barlow, Roger, Bartoszek, L., Calabretta, L., Calanna, A., Campo, D., Conrad, J.M., Djurcic, Z., Kamyshkov, Y., Shaevitz, M.H., Shimizu, I., Smidt, T., Spitz, J., Wascko, M., Winslow, L.A. and Yang, J.J. (2012) Proposal for an Electron Antineutrino Disappearance Search Using High-Rate 8Li Production and Decay. Physical Review Letters, 109 (14). p. 141802. ISSN 0031-9007

This paper introduces a novel, high-intensity source of electron antineutrinos from the production and subsequent decay of 8Li. When paired with an existing ~1 kton scintillator-based detector, this <E_\nu>=6.4 MeV source opens a wide range of possible searches for beyond standard model physics via studies of the inverse beta decay interaction. In particular, the experimental design described here has unprecedented sensitivity to electron antineutrino disappearance at $\Delta m^2\sim$ 1 eV$^2$ and features the ability to distinguish between the existence of zero, one, and two sterile neutrinos.

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