Baty, John and Sinnott, Michael L. (2004) Efficient electrophilic catalysis of 1,5-anhydrocellobiitol hydrolysis by AlIII; implications for the conservation of “rosin-alum” sized paper. Chemical Communications (7). pp. 866-867. ISSN 13597345

Added Al2SO4 greatly accelerates the hydrolysis at 150.0 °C of 1,5-anhydrocellobiitol, a model for the (14) linkages in cellulose, in succinate buffers of room temperature pH 3.05 and 3.35; Ea values for 20 mM AlIII- and H+-catalysed hydrolyses are 109 ± 3 and 140 ± 1 kJ mol–1, respectively.

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