Gabbutt, Christopher D., Hepworth, John D., Heron, B. Mark, Partington, Steven M. and Thomas, David A. (2001) Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of some merocyanine dyes. Dyes and Pigments, 49 (1). pp. 65-74. ISSN 0143-7208

The reaction between some 1,1-diarylprop-2-yn-1-ols 3 and cyclohexane-1,3-diones affords merocyanine dyes 7, the valence tautomers of the tetrahydro-2H-[1]benzopyrans. The spectroscopic properties of these dyes are discussed. The isomeric merocyanine dyes 14 and 15 derived from the reaction of 1,1-bis(4-dimethyl-aminophenyl)prop-2-yn-1-ol and 2-tetralone are dehydrogenated to the photochromic 3H-naphtho[2,1-b]pyran 12. This protocol constitutes a new route to the photochromic naphthopyran unit.

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