Potter, R. J., Marshall, P. A., Chalker, P. R., Taylor, S., Jones, A. C., Noakes, T. C. Q. and Bailey, Paul (2004) Characterization of hafnium aluminate gate dielectrics deposited by liquid injection metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Applied Physics Letters, 84 (20). p. 4119. ISSN 0003-6951

Thin films of hafnium aluminate, with varying aluminum content, have been deposited by liquid injection metalorganic chemical vapor deposition using the metal alkoxide precursors hafnium methyl-methoxy-propanolate and aluminum iso-propoxide. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that the films were amorphous at aluminum concentrations above 7 at. %. Postdeposition annealing indicated that the oxide-transition temperature from amorphous to crystalline increased with aluminum content. Medium-energy ion scattering showed that up to 900 °C, internal oxidation of the silicon substrate had been inhibited. The capacitance–voltage characteristics of the films significantly improved following annealing in dry air

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