Bailey, Paul, Skeldon, P., Noakes, T. C. Q., Thompson, G. E., Sakairi, M., Habazaki, H. and Shimizu, K. (2001) Composition and structure of enriched alloy layers in filmed Al alloys studied by medium-energy ion scattering. Surface and Interface Analysis, 31 (6). pp. 480-483. ISSN 0142-2421

The topmost 20 nm of an electropolished Al–1 at.% Cu alloy has been investigated at sub-nanometre resolution using medium-energy ion scattering. Differences in the composition and depth of the enriched Cu layer are observed. Most significantly, the enriched layer contains regions of differing structure and/or lattice orientation with Cu atoms located in distinct ordered regions, consistent with the presence of Cu-rich clusters. Surface-segregated Si and Cu are observed and Cl and Cu are found in the oxide

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