Charlesworth, Martin (2012) Promoting the use of Classroom Response Systems. In: Learning with Mobile Technologies, Handheld Devices, and Smart Phones: Innovative Methods. IGI Global, pp. 187-201. ISBN 9781466609365

This paper discusses the possible reasons why classroom response systems are little used by teachers, the benefits of using such a system for teaching, and how their greater use could be promoted. The primary source of research was a series of personal interviews with University academic staff and students. Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) students commented both in their capacity as teachers using them in the classroom, and how they also used them as students. In addition data was collected from traditional undergraduate students. The research found that students enjoyed using classroom response systems and those who were typically a little shy were less inhibited to voice their opinions when they could contribute using a response system. The benefits to teachers were increased student engagement and the provision of a simple and quick means of student feedback which improves a teacher’s awareness of their learners understanding and progress. PGCE students were found to be very keen to integrate a response system into the classroom when they started teaching, but established teachers were found to be more hesitant, due to their lack of awareness of the pedagogical benefits and the tutor’s lack of understanding how to set up and use the system.

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