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That’s all folks

Well not quite!

The final report for the JISC has now been released

Stone, Graham, White, Sue, Robinson, Denise, Pitchford, Ian and Edmunds, Cherry (2012) Huddersfield Open Access Publishing final report. Project Report. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield.

But that’s not all!

We are expanding the platform to include a number of new journals and possibly annual conferences in 2012 as well as working on the Huddersfield Research Review.

We’ll be posting to this blog when we have further news!

The project would like to thank all those that have assisted during the project, particularly:

  • JISC for funding the project
  • Josh Brown, Programme Manager for the Campus-based publishing strand, for his support and advice
  • Adam Field at EPrints for his work on the design of the pages and his insightful comments and suggestions
  • The University of Glasgow for the original inspiration for this project
  • Our sister project SAS Open Journals for their encouragement and exchange of ideas
  • The project team:
    • Sue White (Director of Computing and Library Services)
    • Dr Ian Pitchford
    • Dr Denise Robinson
    • Cherry Edmunds
    • The University of Huddersfield Press Editorial Board
  • Tim Thornton, Pro Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning
  • Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETTs)
  • The Post Compulsory in Education and Training (PCET) Network

HOAP at LIBER 2012

HOAP will be presenting a poster at the LIBER 41st Annual Conference, 27 June – 30 June 2012, University of Tartu, Estonia. We look forward to sharing our research and hearing your thoughts.

Stone, Graham (2012) Huddersfield Open Access Publishing (HOAP) Project. In: LIBER 41st Annual Conference, 27 June – 30 June 2012, University of Tartu, Estonia.

HOAP on the road in 2012

We are very pleased to announce that the Huddersfield Open Access Project has been invited to present a paper at the:

16th International Conference on Electronic Publishing: Social Shaping of Digital Publishing: Exploring the interplay between Culture and Technology, 14-15 June 2012 at Guimarães, Portugal.

You can see our extended abstract for the paper here


Teaching in Lifelong Learning is now listed in JournalTOCs.

JournalTOCs is the largest, free collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs): 17,493 journals (including 2,898 selected Open Access journals) from 962 publishers.

JournalTOCs is for researchers, students, librarians and anyone looking for the latest scholarly articles.

JournalTOCs alerts you when new issues of your Followed journals are published.

Find us at:

Announcing the HOAP Toolkit

One of the outcomes of the project was to develop a toolkit for other institutions to use, it features sections on:

  • Moving to Open Access
  • Setting up the landing pages using EPrints
  • Adding the content
  • Dissemination
  • Workflows
  • Setting up a new journal
  • Setting up a best of research title
  • Appendices
  • 1. Notes for contributors
  • 2. Licence to publish
  • 3. Notes for reviewers/Return Sheet – response to author(s)/response to editor
  • 4. Adding content to Teaching in Lifelong Learning
  • 5. Journal workflows
  • 6. Guidelines for the preparation of journal proposals
  • 7. Huddersfield Research Review (Draft proposal)
  • The toolkit can be found at:

    Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice

    We are also very please to announce that our journal Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice is in the process of being archived.

    Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice was a joint publication between South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust and the University of Huddersfield. The journal ran for 8 very successful volumes appealing to a wide range of mental health practitioners, social care practitioners, researchers, educators, users of mental health services, carers, and voluntary sector workers.

    Teaching in Lifelong Learning

    We are very pleased to announce that the latest volume of Teaching in Lifelong Learning is now live. We now have all 3 volumes available on Open Access.

    The new pages feature a host of features including information for contributors, a licence to publish, a guide to the journals peer review process and more.

    Each article now has a DOI to enable direct linking. In addition DOIs are being added to all article references allowing direct cross referencing. There is an RSS feed for the journal on the front page, each article also has a range of social media links so that users can share the content via FaceBook, Twtter, Gmail, LinkedIn etc.

    References are also displayed as part of the metadata and usage statistics are available for every article.

    Coming in 2012
    All new journal content from volume 4 onwards will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

    A new feature available early in the New Year will allow direct linking from the references displayed on the metadata page to the appropriate metadata content at other publishers.

    It is also hoped to enable the SNEEP suite of social networking extensions to all journal (and University Repository) content early in the New Year – expect another blog post soon.

    Huddersfield Research Review

    We are just putting the finishing touches to the project. In the next couple of weeks you can expect the new online version of Teaching in Lifelong Learning and a toolkit showing how to create Open Access journals with EPrints.

    First up, however, is the draft proposal for the Huddersfield Research Review. This draft has been sent to the University Research Committee for comment.

    Huddersfield Research Review (Draft proposal)

    We hope to set up an international editorial board early in 2012 and launch the journal later in the year.

    Auditing the University’s journals

    As part of the HOAP project’s sustainability planning, we aimed to audit the University Schools and Services for other journal titles and to use the outcomes of this project as best practice to develop and launch other titles.

    After contacting our REF Unit of Assessment Coordinators, the Research Office and the University’s Teaching and Learning Institute we have now compiled a list of our journal titles

    Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

    The journal is a joint publication between South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust and the University of Huddersfield and is now in its 8th Volume. However, due to funding issues the title ceased with the latest issue. After discussions with the editor, we have committed to move the journal from its current web page to the new Repository platform after the HOAP project completes. As part of this we will assign DOIs in order to preserve the content.


    RADAR, the Review of Art, Design and Architecture Research, is published annually by the School of Art, Design and Architecture. It is intentionally compiled to highlight the growing range of researchers in the school and their broad research work and experiences from early career to established researchers. Its intention is to communicate and signal University research both internally and more importantly externally. One of its aims is to act as an open invitation for further collaborations in the education and creative industry sectors.

    This title is now in its second volume and we hope to begin talks with the editors over the coming weeks.


    CeReNeM’s (Centre for Research in New Music) research team brings together researchers and artists at the cutting edge of contemporary music performance, composition and new sonic media. The journal is peer reviewed and acts as a forum for discourse surrounding the research projects and activities such as intoacoustics, sound spatialisation, digital interface technologies, improvisation, experimental performance practice, composition, sonic art, new notations, the study of musical perception, temporality, cross cultural aesthetics and interdisciplinary collaborations.

    The journal has published two issues, the second featuring articles by postgraduate composers from across the UK and internationally.

    We hope to meet with the editors to discuss the journal in the next few weeks.

    North American Journal of Welsh Studies

    The North American Journal of Welsh Studies was first published in 2001, it took a break between 2006 and 2010, but has now been re-launched at Huddersfield. It is published on behalf of the North American Association for the Study of Welsh History and Culture, a multidisciplinary association of scholars, teachers and individuals dedicated to advancing scholarship on Welsh studies.

    The journal is using OJS, however, we have had a meeting with Professor Paul Ward, the journal’s editor, with a view to collaborating on best practice such as sharing notes for contributors, the licence to publish, etc. We hope to work with the team to look at assigning DOIs to the articles and registering the journal with the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE). Looking forward, it will be interesting to see how the two platform, OJS and Eprints compare.

    Teaching and Learning Management Board
    The project team gave a paper to the University’s Teaching and Learning Management Board this week on the progress of the HOAP project. The Teaching in Lifelong learning journal is partly funded by the University’s Teaching and Learning Institute (TALI). In the meeting it was agreed that a short article would be prepared for the in house newsletter, Teaching and Learning Matters, as part of the project dissemination, however, matters also turned to the future of the in house newsletter.

    Teaching and Learning Matters (TLM)
    It was agreed that TLM would benefit from being part of the suit of journals on the EPrints platform and also needed to be registered for an ISSN etc. The project will discuss this further with TALI with a view to moving the newsletter over to the new platform after the HOAP project has concluded.

    New journals
    There are a number of new titles currently under discussion in the University and it was agreed in the Management Board that those that fall under the remit of TALI will follow the guidelines set out in this project.

    In addition, a policy document on University publications, including the University Press, Huddersfield Contemporary Records, departmental publications and journals is currently being drafted. The aim is to use the toolkit and workflows from this project to support this document.

    Social media

    We have been experimenting with social media and web 2.0 tools and technologies at Huddersfield since 2005:

    Stone, Graham (2011) Social Media in Computing and Library Services at the University of Huddersfield. Illuminea (7).

    We plan to feature the usual RSS feeds from the Teaching and Lifelong Learning landing page and also to Tweet new articles as they are published. However, we would like to go a step further than this by encouraging authors and readers to use social media based on the recommendations of the RIN report, ‘If you build it, will they come? How researchers perceive and use web 2.0

    Ultimately this is more than we can achieve during the life of this project, as it will involve buy in from funders, universities, computing and library services and the researchers themselves. However, as a university we are committed to this. Huddersfield and then Imperial College were the first universities to run courses promoting social media to researchers:

    Stone, Graham and Collins, Ellen (2011) 25 Research Things @ Huddersfield: engaging researchers with social media. ALISS Quarterly.

    Collins, Ellen, Pattern, David and Stone, Graham (2010) 25 Research Things.

    Imperial College, Blogs, Twitter, wikis and other web-based tools: Collaborating and building your online presence (2011)

    In addition Publishing Perspectives have put together a round up, ‘What Role Does Social Networking Have in Scholarly Publishing?’ based on discussion at the Association of Learned and Professional Scholarly Publishers (ALPSP) conference.

    We are also looking into the SNEEP suite of social networking extensions as part of the journal pages on the Repository – for this we have to thank our fellow JISC project SAS Open Journals for the inspiration for this. This will allow readers of the journal to comment, tag and make notes once they log in. However, this will be dependent on how comfortable readers feel with social media and this leads us back to the way this is encouraged by their host institutions.

    We do have more ambitious ideas which we will keep working on after the project completes. One of the project team, Dr. Ian Pitchford, is very keen on the concept of open peer commentary from a group of appointed expert individuals. One such model can be seen at Behavioural and Brain Sciences, which has thousands of appointed open peer commentators. It’s become so prestigious to be a Behavioural and Brain Sciences affiliate that it is the sort of thing academics put on their CVs!