Burton, A. Kim and Kendall, Nicholas A.S. (2012) Low back pain. [Teaching Resource]

After completing this module you should have:
* Appreciation of the nature of low back pain (LBP) and its impact in the community
* Knowledge of the appropriate investigation pathways for LBP
* Awareness of the importance of maintaining activity and confidence in providing reassurance
* Confidence in distinguishing "simple" LBP from more complex causes of LBP - triage in primary care
* Recognition of the place for imaging studies
* Understanding of the psychosocial aspects of back pain: how to identify and tackle obstacles to recovery and participation
* Knowledge of how to use a stepped-care approach to treatment and management
* Confidence in selecting effective therapeutic interventions
* Awareness of the importance of work participation and the confidence to encourage it
* Appreciation of when to refer for a specialist opinion

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