Almond, Kevin (2012) Masquerade in Clubland: A Safe Space for Glamour. In: Subcultures Symposium, 22nd February 2012, University of Huddersfield.

This symposium considers Sub-Cultural movements that influence art, design, style and fashion. The idea behind the symposium is to encourage an understanding of the value of wider-ranging and deeper engagement with research at both primary and secondary levels and to demonstrate the ways in which meaningful research can underpin and inform practice, allowing both for stronger design outcomes and a richer understanding of the contexts in which they operate.
Please feel free to dress up and celebrate sub-cultural style, take notes and photographs and join in the discussions at the end.

1.00pm – Introduction to the theme of the symposium – Ian Massey, Subject Leader 1.15pm – ‘Masquerade in Clubland: A Safe Space for Glamour’ – Kevin Almond, Subject Leader Fashion and Costume
An examination of social performances framed in photographs of the diverse, glamorous and camp world of nightclubbers. The
investigation concerns notions of what constitutes the self and how the self is visually presented.
2.00pm – ‘Punk’ – Stephen Colegrave, author of the book ‘Punk which details his close involvement with the rise of the punk movement.
Punk gives voice to the punk generation 25 years on, remembering the mad, frenzied and often incoherent world of 1975-
1979. the cultural movement that burrowed through Andy Warhol's Factory and the early 1970s New York underground,
emerging triumphant, kicking and screaming at the top of the British pop charts.
2.45pm – Break
3.00pm – ‘Festival Culture’ – Dr Karen Dennis, Senior Lecturer
Karen’s talk will investigate and the thriving festivals, music, art, design and fashion subcultures that thrive in the urban hub of large
metropolitan cities.
3.45pm - Plenary/questions and answers Ian Massey

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