Comyn, Tim P., Stevenson, Tim, Al-Jawad, Maisoon, Turner, Stuart L., Smith, Ronald I., Marshall, William G., Bell, Andrew J. and Cywinski, R. (2008) Phase-specific magnetic ordering in BiFeO[sub 3]−PbTiO[sub 3]. Applied Physics Letters, 93 (23). p. 232901. ISSN 0003-6951

The multiferroic 0.7 BiFeO3–0.3 PbTiO3 has been fabricated in both sintered ceramic and powder form using conventional mixed oxide synthesis. Rietveld’s analysis of neutron powder diffraction data has shown that the sintered ceramic and powder are predominantly R3c and P4mm phases, respectively. It is shown explicitly that magnetic ordering does not occur for the P4mm phase at room temperature

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