Stewart, J., Hillier, A., Hillier, J. and Cywinski, R. (2010) Structural and dynamical study of moment localization in β-Mn_{1−x}In_{x}. Physical Review B, 82 (14). p. 144439. ISSN 1098-0121

We have used neutron-scattering and muon spin relaxation (μSR) to investigate the structural and magnetic properties of the β phase of elemental manganese doped with dilute amounts of indium. β-Mn is an example of a topologically frustrated antiferromagnetically correlated metal—but which remains paramagnetic at all temperatures. The addition of In to β-Mn results in a vast volume expansion of the lattice and would therefore be expected to have a major effect on the stability and localization of the Mn moment as observed in, for example, Ru- and Al-doped β-Mn alloys. We find that In doping in β-Mn results in a short-range ordered spin-glasslike ground state, similar to that of Al-doped β-Mn but with residual low-frequency spin fluctuations. This is in contrast to Ru doping which results in the stabilization of a long-range-ordered Mn moment

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