Lewis, Chara, Mojsiewicz, Kristin and Pettican, Anneké (2010) Inside the invisible. [Show/Exhibition]

The Economy of the Gift is the first annual event in A Foundation’s Economy project. It is a forum for sales and agora for ideas about the economics of art as a commodity with the most complex parameters of value. The core idea being to focus on the curatorial, as much as the economic contribution galleries make to the visual arts. For collectors The Economy of the Gift is based on values of intimacy, intensity and a quality of experience. “ The idea of art as gift needs no further explanation to me. The value of art is intellectual and emotional and those values are not related to monetary ones.” Celine Andréhn; Director Andréhn - Scheptjenko,

Four English galleries from outside the London Orbital were asked to
select four international partners. Participants then select an artist represented by their partner for exhibition in A Foundation Liverpool’s iconic galleries. In this process a discourse is created at which the concept of the gift is at the heart of the exchange.

The opening weekend will include a VIP programme, public preview and
Collectors Salon in partnership with the Contemporary Arts Society and
other public events.

Participating galleries are:
• Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm
• Bureau, Manchester
• Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool
• Freymond-Guth & Co Fine Arts, Zurich
• The International 3, Manchester
• Ivan Gallery, Bucharest
• Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, New York
• Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

The artists exhibited:Jacob Dahlgren, Mark Harasimowicz, Rebecca Lennon, Elodie Pong, Brass Art, Geta Bratescu, Shaun O’ Dell and Eric Bainbridge

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