Blyth, Eric (2009) Patient On-line Survey Results. In: First Invitational International Forum on Cross-Border Reproductive Care: Quality and Safety, 14th-16th January 2009, Château Laurier, Ottawa, Canada.

- Dr. Eric Blyth, University of Huddersfield

Dr. Blyth discussed the results of a 2008 on-line survey of CBRC patients and potential patients (60% of respondents were from Canada, 24% from Australia, 10% from the United States, and the remainder from Israel, the UK, and Greece). The survey, indicated that respondents were primarily recipients or potential recipients and that the majority of treatments undertaken (57%) involved egg donations. Conclusions of the survey included the need for more information about best practices, outcomes, and costs; better information and access to information by patients prior to their seeking treatment; and increased engagement by clinics in the home country. Dr. Blyth also provided information on a similar survey conducted in Britain by Infertility Network UK and compared the results to his own.

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